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Do you ever feel support for you is lacking, that you are just a number? You’re not getting the attention you need? It is time to consolidate your clients into a single service solution that you can control as your own.

With the Astro Telco Partner Program, you can build your own business, keep the profits, make the same margins that Master Agents do, and own your customer.

AstroTelco Enterprise VoIP

Be a Stand Out

Other companies have a “one size” fits all model for every reseller. The model is, Agents sell several solutions and receive a commission. This is a new model where you own the customer. Business’ can set their own margins, generate more revenue, and own their business.

We empower our Partners

With Astro’s Telecommunications as a Service, (TaaS) – we empower the Partner with all the tools they need to succeed without becoming a regulated Telecommunications Carrier, investing in expensive infrastructure and licenses. We handle the FCC regulations, compliance, and reporting requirements. There is no need to file Tariffs or deal with the encumbrances associated with Carriers. Astro Telco handles all that for you. You can focus on customers, solving their business problems, and earning money.

AstroTelco Cloud-based VoIP

Partner Program – White Label – Your Brand, Your Solutions

  • State-of-the-art products and technologies are market leading solutions, software upgrades and improvements included.
  • No Maintenance fees or software updates to install.

  • We’ll train you to succeed and be there when you need assistance.
  • We have all the templates, contract, LOA, RespOrg, porting and work order forms so you can start immediately selling.
  • You set the pricing to earn the Margins you need.
  • You collect the money by check, credit card, or ACH, and it is deposited into your bank account. Using the Customer Portal, customer can see invoices, usage, pay the invoice, and more.
  • We invested in automating the provisioning of services, customer care staff can set up subscribers right from the billing platform, leaving the specialized tasks to the technical staff.
  • You Control the Customer Experience.
  • You can use our registered tag lines– Zero Touch Installation®, and or Anywhere Anytime Any® Device. Astro Telco takes care of all the regulatory compliance for telecommunications services.

  • Send out Logo Branded Invoices to the customer that list all the taxation and charges.
  • Marketing Videos, Training Videos, Quick Reference Guides, and other Literature are all brandable ready.
  • You build the relationship, and you generate recurring revenue. You own the customer relationship.

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