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Have you been searching for a high revenue solution to soothe those agent revenue woes? We understand the expectations you have and the revenue you want to earn, we were agents at one time in our careers. We see it all the time, the agent does all the work and earns a small stipend. Astro supports you as the Agent providing marketing materials, reference guides for the products, customer video training, and more. Astro collaborates with you to win the deal and maintain a great working relationship with your customer. Remember, you’re helping them reimagine their business communications with state of the arts products. We work with you and you earn the commission for the sale. Active customer, active agent agreement, you earn commissions.

Astro Agent Program

  • State-of-the-art products and technologies are market leading
  • Customer training, video training support and reference guides

  • On-Boarding Support

  • Marketing materials, documentation

  • Recurring revenue. While the agent maintains their agreement, and the customer remains active, the agent will continue to earn commissions
  • Astro Telco does all the invoicing, collections, taxation, and remittance
  • High Revenue alternative with competitive compensation
  • Quoting Support

  • Agent Reporting in billing platform

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